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Help us raise money for Demi De Luca

Demi Rain is 8 years old. She is surrounded by her mom, dad, big brother Jaxon, and 2 little sisters (Dixi & Diem) She loves dance, gymnastics, going to church and playing with her friends and family! She is the sweetest little girl that is the first to help someone out. Her heart is bigger than any 8 year old I have ever met.

Friday (August 27th) this family’s entire lives were turned upside down when Demi had an X-ray done due to some pain and they found a tumor the size of a small apple on her chest pressing on her heart & her left lung full of fluid and collapsed. She also had swollen lymph nodes in her armpit and multiple on the right side of her neck. She was sent to MUSC in Charleston, SC for immediate testing.

There they have done numerous tests and are continuing to do tests to find out the exact stage & cancer that it is. They believe it is T-Cell Lymphoma.

A GoFundme has been set this up for Nick & Jacquie because they will be back and forth between their home and the hospital that is 2.5 hours away. They have to be away from their other 3 children, miss work and not only is this life changing for the entire family, it is going to take a financial toll on their life as well.

If you cannot donate, we simply ask you to please pray for complete healing of this sweet girl. Pray for guidance for the doctors, strength as she goes through the testing, treatments and the severe pain she is having. & please pray for the big changes happening to her siblings, and for strength & guidance for her parents. ❤️

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