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From a Glad Dad....

Every couple of days or so I grab my son and we head out to find an open ball field to mess around on. Notice I said mess around on and not “practice” on. I’ve never felt closer to my son then I do right now. Our “messing around” time has been so much fun for the both of us it’s hard to put into words. We end up “messing around” for about 2 hours every couple of days which keeps us active and healthy.

We have home run derby competitions, mock bottom of the 9th scenarios, and plenty of “look dad, I’m Mike Trout,” situations. We go to the ball field just to have fun and not caring about mechanics, results, or impressing anyone. It’s like it used to be before things got so serious about baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if you want to become a better baseball player you must put in the work. I get it. I think I just lost my way over the years and forgot how much fun it is to just find an open field and “mess around.” My son loves the game of baseball and likes to put in the work but our “messing around” time has certainly recharged his batteries. It’s like he’s fallen back in love with this great game we call baseball.

Invite your son or daughter to join you as you find a ball field to do some good ole fashioned “messing around” on. Go on your journey not being concerned with results. Your only goal is to spend as much quality time with your loved one as possible. The rest will take care of itself.

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